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Questions about Children of Earth v. Miracle Day comparisons that reviews are making
by magicmage7410 (magicmage7410)
at September 11th, 2011 (05:11 pm)

First off, I'd like to stress that I'm not intending this question to lead to any sort of fandom!wank.

After reading various reviews of the finale to Miracle Day (e.g. from io9, TVGA;, and IGN), it seems that the general consensus is that Miracle Day paled in comparison to Children of Earth.

While I do see some points that this articles make, such as the tension that CoE was able to carry through its 5 episodes, versus Miracle's 10 eps, I don't understand why many reviews seem to find CoE so much more amazing than Miracle (or, as What!Culture seems to think, better than series 1 or 2 as well).

Can anyone who's seen Torchwood: Children of Earth explain to me what makes it so much better than series 1, 2, or Miracle Day? Was it the characters? The plotline that had 'fewer plotholes' (but this is TW that we're talking about)? I do see some of the flaws (and positives) of Miracle, but I don't see how it falls /that/ much shorter than CoE. Series 2 seemed more exciting than CoE in parts (we got lots of character insight into Rhys, Tosh, PC Andy, and Owen, whereas CoE flattened Ianto into a borderline-self-loathing character, and Jack and Gwen stayed pretty static).



Posted by: xtricks (xtricks)
Posted at: September 12th, 2011 01:14 am (UTC)

Most people who feel that CoE was superior to the other series of Torchwood point out the plot/story narrative. It's true that some/several of 1&2 had stories that didn't make much sense (abbadon) or were poorly thought out. Miracle Day, frankly, had no narrative sense, IMO and what little story there was was terribly executed (Jane E had to *tweet* the fact that incerated people were 'truly dead' because htey somehow didn't manage to get that in the actual show, despite all the dragging episodes, as an example).

Both MD and CoE are 'plot driven' stories, that is, they're not (much) about character development or character motivation, S1 and 2 are character driven stories; we're there to see the character's reactions to things -- more like people's imagination of soap opera. Really, good work has to have both character development and motivation and a good storyline (an external force acting to drive the story forward). I think S1 ep3 'Ghost Machine' of Torchwood is an excellent example of that; we see Owen (infamously revealed to be using an alien date rape drug in Ep 1) forced to face what his actions feel like from the other side -- and change due to that -- and Gwen get her first taste of the tendency to failure and death that is a through line in most of Torchwood.

CoE, while characterization didn't match S1 and 2, most viewers of it were not viewers of S1 and 2 so Ianto's behavior and the shift of T'wood leadership from Jack to Gwen wasn't OOC.

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