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Torchwood Meta

Discussion, concrit, tea and biscuits

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Discussion of Torchwood writing - canon and fanfic
Welcome! Pull up a chair, get comfortable, get reading and join in the discussions.

The aim of this community is to provide a forum for detailed, in-depth, discussions on stories, characters, episodes and writing, along with anything else that takes our fancy. The discussion here (hopefully) will get detailed, analytical and won't be universally positive about everything. It's also going to provide a chance to learn about giving concrit and story construction, as well as taking the characters apart to see what makes them tick.

All our discussions are saved in the community memories, so you can see what we've been talking about. And remember that stories of all styles and ratings will be included, so heed the warnings!

Please note: This is not a substitute for getting a beta! If you want someone to look over your story for you, please have a look at this thread over at torch_wood_cafe, where people have volunteered their services. We're going to be discussing already published stories rather than works in progress.

Please feel free to go off at tangents as the mood takes you, exploring ideas, themes and characters in greater detail. Most people around here, especially authors, like to talk about their writing and Torchwood in general, and will welcome the chance to natter. Threads could (hopefully!) get rather long, but feel free to pitch in, discuss, argue and toss things around. That's what we're here for.

The mods won't step in to stop lively debates, but we will intervene if it's getting personal. Persistent offenders will be warned then banned. Flamers don't get a warning.

Play nicely, folks.

Quick Guide to Concrit:

  • Constructive criticsim should be constructive! It's fine to say you don't like something, but do give a reason why you don't.
  • Just because it's called criticism, doesn't mean you have to be all negative. Saying why you liked something is just as important as saying why you didn't.
  • If you're stuck for what to say, try to give one thing you liked, one thing you didn't and one thing you thought could have been done better.
  • DO NOT criticise the author personally - you're critting their story, not them.

    This is a sister site to tw_library, where you can now find nearly 800 Torchwood stories, including the ones we discuss here.